What's On

Keep up to date with what's happening in Blaenavon.

Healthy Blaenavon Officer

Get in touch with our Healthy Blaenavon about a range of health & wellbeing needs.

Blaenavon Town Council

Representing and promoting the town, as well as supporting the work of different groups in the community.


Connect 5

Gwent Connect 5 is an evidence-based workforce training programme providing the wider non-mental health workforce with knowledge, skills and confidence to have everyday conversations about mental health and well-being, including suicide prevention. It is provided free of charge to workforce and volunteers across Gwent.

Healthy Blaenavon Partnership

Since February 2019 partners have come together as part of a Healthy Blaenavon Network to shape how public services can best support individuals, local people and communities. During 2021 this will more formally develop as a Healthy Blaenavon Partnership with representatives from the local community alongside public and third sector organisations.